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"The musicians played superbly. Pitch was secure despite the dampness earlier in the day, and they performed with plenty of dash, which must have warmly impressed the composer, who was present for the concert."

"The performance was wonderful. Who could have thought that full justice could be done to the score outdoors? The playing was taut and dramatic: no incisive gesture was not given its full due."

-- Larry McGinn, Syracuse Post Standard

"From the start, it was clear that the quartet is on intimate terms with the searing emotions of the piece. The playing was technically fine, but the vivid insight and the gripping tension they brought to the music made it memorable."

". . . striking . . . overwhelming."

-- Larry McGinn, Syracuse Post Standard

". . . cellist George Macero and violist Kit Dodd partnered beautifully in an extended duet which was reiterated just as gracefully by (violinist Michael) Bosetti and violinist Vladimir Pritsker."

-- Martin Heresniak, The Ithaca Journal

". . . Consequently, the ensemble is first-rate, demonstrating a thorough level of comfort in communicating with the audience and with each other."

". . . breathtaking in its flawless execution."

-- David Abrams, Syracuse Post Standard