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NY Classical Music Fans...

Heres How the Clinton String Quartet got it's name!



The Clinton String Quartet, one of the best NY String Quartets, provides concert-hall-quality music for weddings, receptions and parties, as well as recitals and formal concerts. As one of the foremost New York wedding bands, the Quartet's repertoire includes a variety of New York wedding music styles as well as private party styles appropriate for concert settings or background music.

41b.jpg (3302 bytes)Over the years the Clinton String Quartet has been asked "where did you get your name?"  (Since November of 1992 the question is usually accompanied with a strange look!)  The story of the Quartet's name is related to the first time the quartet played together in 1982.  Just formed and without a name, the Quartet's initial employer needed to introduce the group and needed a name - RIGHT THEN!  The wife of the then second violinist suggested "Clinton" in deference to Dewitt Clinton, Governor of the State of New York from 1817-1823 and 1825-1828.  Governor Clinton was responsible for the building of the Erie Canal and was an avid supporter of the Arts.

For more information about Dewitt Clinton...

Looking for Syracuse Chamber Music by Syracuse String Quartets? Look no further, for the Clinton String Quartet is among the finest of all the New York String Quartets.




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